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Meet Purfresh SPACE

A fully automated, non-labor system to disinfect everything

Purfresh SPACE kills 99% of viruses, bacteria, molds and odors.

No chemical sprays and no residue, USDA organic.

Purfresh Clean has the best all-in-one solution to eliminate germs, odors, bacteria, viruses, and mold, from the air and surfaces of non-occupied areas, including challenging and hard to reach places.

The Purfresh SPACE with oxygen-3 (O3), is the latest in cleaning technology. It can be plugged into most standard wall outlets and can run on pre-programed schedules during times when areas are unoccupied.

Purfresh SPACE can be used in all enclosed spaces from offices, to homes, event spaces, gyms, restaurants, boats and beyond​.


Remote App Control

One Purfresh SPACE unit can treat up to 3000 square feet in three hours. The treatment uses on-demand O3 generation managed with dynamic O3 control sensors to maintain exact cleaning levels. With remote smart-phone app control your own staff or team can easily set-up and manage the cleaning times.

Fully Automated

Purfresh SPACE can reduce or remove the need and cost for paid labor to sanitizing your facilities, and will keep digital, online, proof records of the cleaning treatments. No other automated cleaning system can deliver this level of cleaning automation along with digital record keeping.

Any Indoor Space

As facilities or building manager, you have complete control over the treatment cycles, which last from one to six hours, depending on the size of the enclosed space. The unit can be used in all unoccupied, closed spaces, including offices, conference rooms, sports facilities, locker rooms, public restrooms, labs, vehicles, boats and more.

How O3 Disinfects

O3 is a reactive gas composed of 3 oxygen atoms. The O3 produced scientifically converts back to O2 within minutes after the cleaning treatment ends, and no residual harsh chemicals remain in your fresh cleaned space. Purfresh SPACE is your best solution to remove odors, address mold issues, and provide deep disinfection from germs, bacteria and viruses.

Meet Purfresh SPACE