Capability Statement for Purfresh Clean 2022


Purfresh Clean offers effective, high quality, science based and backed deep cleaning technology services. We use treatment product volume level control, timed application, electronic sensing and record keeping to validate best practice service for our customers. There is no other room, space or vehicle decontamination product in the commercial marketplace that can treat objects, surfaces, and air, as well as Purfresh Clean does with our O3 based decontamination systems. All Purfresh Clean products are designed for non-occupied applications only.

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Competitive Differentiators:

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Government & Business Registrations ID Numbers

Business Name: Purfresh Clean Inc.

DBA’s: Purfresh / e14 South LLC

Year Incorporated: 2021

Registration Type: Delaware  C-Corp.

CEO: Christian DeBlasio

Address: 26029 Eden Landing Road, CA 94545

Email: [email protected]


Phone: +1-650-382-0571