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How does Purfresh SPACE work?

Purfresh SPACE remove Odors, Mildew, Germs, Bacteria, Viruses, and Mold from the Air and Surfaces Using Automated O3 Technology.

How does this O3 Technology work?

Our O3 Technology moves with our high-powered fan systems, it can reach all areas of the room, including those that would not be accessible during a manual scrubbing or spraying.

Reduce or remove the need and cost for paid labor to clean and sanitize your space.

Purfresh SPACE produces digital, online, proof records of the cleaning treatments, making your record-keeping simple. Only Purfresh Clean generates O3 and monitors, senses, and data records the O3 levels of our treatments for ultimate safety and protection of people and property. No other O3 systems offers this.

Why should I choose Purfresh SPACE?

Because we only apply O3 alongside live reporting sensors to manage correct O3 Levels

Also we have dynamic auto control to keep operating O3 levels in the correct range.

No liquid and will not damage valuable items like other cleaners. Also leaves zero chemical residue, all O3 changes back to O2 after cleaning is completed and our service provides digital science based cleaning records and reports for our clients.

Are there any harmful chemicals, radiation or emissions?

Purfresh SPACE is only operated in non-occupied areas to maintain safety. O3 naturally breaks down as soon as 15 minutes after power off. The ONLY residual product that remains in the air after Purfresh SPACE treatment is O2. The O3 generated by Purfresh SPACE is 100X more effective and safer than chlorine. O3 is FDA approved for food contact and will not contaminate foods or drinks meant for human consumption.

Are there any advantages of using ozone over other disinfectants?

Since O3 is a gas, it easily permeates all areas of a room and hard-to-reach areas, including ventilation. It also has the additional benefit of being able to disinfect aerosols suspended in the air. O3 Disinfects room surfaces and the air at the same time and is not harmful to lignin based products (wood and plant fibers).

How do I know the room is clean?

We have technology that brings visual impact, color changing clean verification stickers, available for clients. Viruses are destroyed when ozone diffuses through the protein coat into the nucleic acid core and damages the viral RNA. Purfresh SPACE also provides cloud-based data reporting to verify cleanliness. 

Does Purfresh Clean have certifications?

All Purfresh SPACE equipment is officially registered with the EPA. Purfresh SPACE is CE certified, and RoHS compliant (no lead).