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OZONE Effective & Safe When Rules Followed


Ozone is an extremely effective oxidative disinfectant and has been used in the medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and water treatment industries for decades.

The reason ozone is used is simple. It can be cheaply and efficiently created on-site, and the disarming effect of ozone on microorganisms is well understood and has been proven as an effective tool for mitigating many different unwanted compounds and microorganisms.

Why does the EPA warn against ozone generators on the market?

Although ozone is an effective tool, it is only effective when used SAFELY.
As an example, bleach is a very effective tool when used for its intended purpose. Bleach is ineffective as a hand soap because it is not designed for human consumption or skin contact.

Companies that produce general-purpose bleach have very clear instructions and recommended safety equipment that should be used when using bleach for the safety of the user.

When using ozone, the same precautions need to be taken, but they are often not clearly stated by the manufacturer of the ozone generator and there are no controls in place on cheaper machines that ensure users are operating the generator effectively or even safely. Therefore, the EPA warns against using these commonly available cheap ozone generators in residential areas.

The Purfresh Difference – Safety First

Ozone is a great tool that can be used to protect people from unwanted and potentially dangerous substances that can be found in residential and commercial spaces. To keep people healthy and safe from these particles and microorganisms, ozone must be used when the space is completely unoccupied, and the ozone must be sensor-level controlled (most cheap ozone generators do not offer sensor-level control). These are the most important safety measures that must be taken in order to use ozone appropriately and effectively.

Purfresh Clean Systems utilize fully automated, remotely controlled devices that have built-in safety features that ensure the space is unoccupied and safe to reenter when the space has been cleaned. These include:

  • Safety placards posted on all entrances and exits to the space being treated.
  • Ozone sensors – Both for controlling the ozone level and for making sure the space is clear of any ozone when the space needs to be accessed again.
  • Warning and control lights
  • Remote control capabilities – This important feature allows operators to turn on and off the equipment from outside the space that is to be cleaned. This isn’t offered by cheap ozone equipment suppliers.
  • Activated Carbon and HEPA filters – These turn on after the ozone treatment to reduce possible excess VOCs, formaldehyde, and small particles and reduce the ozone degradation time.

Ozone and Smog – Incorrect Interpretations

Ozone and smog pollution are often considered together when the topic of ozone use is discussed. These are separate issues, and the industrial production of ozone is NOT a component of smog. Dangerous levels of particulate material, CO2, and other smog-pollution components cause harm to humans. Extremely low levels of atmospheric ozone measured when smog is present are not dangerous to humans.

When ozone is produced naturally without the presence of other harmful contaminants like VOCs and NO2, the ozone breaks back down naturally into oxygen. This is a normal result of the instability of ozone and the short half-life inherent in the ozone molecule.

The important consideration is that ozone is not the cause of the low air quality, but the result. Excess NO2 and VOCs in the air from pollution cause this unhealthy ozone cycle to begin. Therefore, the EPA has instituted ground-level ozone standards. These standards are important, as lowering pollution in our air will improve the unhealthy ozone cycle and improve overall air quality for all people.

Purfresh SPACE equipment is proven to follow and adhere to all ozone application use rules and guidelines issued by the FDA, USDA, EPA, OSHA, and CARB.


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OZONE Effective & Safe When Rules Followed
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