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Studies Prove Purfresh’s CLEAN Product Line Deactivates COVID-19 on Surfaces & in Air – Featured at Biocom

With COVID-19 reported to live on surfaces up to 72 hours and easily transmitted through the air in droplet form, it’s more important than ever to decontaminate interior spaces, lab equipment, and other daily-use items being shared by multiple individuals. For over a decade, Purfresh Clean has provided ozone-based services to companies around the world, delivering a scientifically proven way to quickly destroy germs and flu viruses, bacteria, mold, and odors from air and surfaces simultaneously. The company has several different products that can disinfect equipment, air, surfaces, and unoccupied, enclosed rooms or spaces.

It has also been proven that ozone at low concentrations in the parts per billion level can be used to deactivate viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

With a mission to provide people, companies, and organizations with a daily solution that mitigates the invisible risks of environmental contaminants, Purfresh Clean is assisting companies in their safe reopening efforts with products utilizing a natural biocide that attacks airborne pathogens and aerosol + surface respiratory droplets with 99% efficacy when properly applied.

Ozone is a scientifically proven organic molecule that has been used for decades to quickly destroy germs like cold and flu viruses, harmful bacteria, molds, and other pathogens. Purfresh Clean’s ozone generators can disinfect an enclosed area of potential viral contamination, both in the air and on affected surfaces. Anywhere that air can reach, ozone can reach, and will destroy viruses on contact. The ozone is distributed via fan-generated airflow into the application area and, depending on ozone concentration, can deactivate a virus in as little as 30 minutes. Ozone has the advantage over other disinfectants in that it is a gas, so that it can permeate all areas of a room and deactivate the hardest to reach areas. Ozone can also disinfect aerosols suspended in the air and decomposes to oxygen, so it is residue-free.

As with any solution mitigating the spread of viruses, proper application is paramount and ozone technology is no different. Although ozone is a natural biocide, it must be deployed on-site, in unoccupied rooms, and the amount of time it requires to overtake the virus in the air and on surfaces depends on various atmospheric conditions. In addition to being properly deployed, the ozone created to kill the virus must be destroyed. All Purfresh Clean units take care of this remotely through cloud-based intellipur software that allows for remote activation of units, atmospheric control, and monitoring, as well as record of cleaning and at what percentage efficacy.

Learn more information about Purfresh Clean’s decontamination services, which have an application pending for Emergency Use Authorization with the FDA.

View article at Biocom website.


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